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Insimbiís business model has four distinct segments which complement each other while providing Insimbiís business model with an inherent diversification. This has proven to be resilient and sustainable through various commodity and trading cycles experienced over Insimbiís operational life, spanning back to the 1970ís.

Steel: This segment focuses on the supply of a wide range of alloys, including non-ferrous alloys, to the steel and stainless steel industry locally, regionally and globally; with a specific focus on the needs of South African producers but with a growing customer base in other emerging market countries.

Foundry: This segment focuses on the supply of a diverse range of alloys and ancillary raw materials, e.g. ferro-alloys, foundry sand, pre-formed ceramic gating, ceramic ducting, to ferrous and non-ferrous foundries of all sizes nationwide, such as specialized art, automotive, jobbing and heavy-duty foundries. It is closely aligned with the steel segment in terms of the products supplied.

Refractory: This segment specialises in the supply of high quality and highly specialised ceramic refractory linings to the cement, paper and pulp, steel and platinum industries.

Plastics: This new segment specialises in the blow moulding of plastic containers for the chemical, agricultural and food industries and which has numerous synergies with Insimbiís existing customer portfolio.


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During 2015 Insimbi acquired 75% of Polydrum Proprietary Limited which diversified the Insimbi Groupís product basket. It allowed us to increased our market representation nationally as well internationally on sourcing and offset.

Management's focus will remain on diversifying the group further to create additional revenue streams and to grow the client base of the group. 

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Insimbi has developed its core expertise with the ability to source and provide global industrial consumers with the required commodity. The company provides a complete financial solution to commodity transactions and in so doing facilitate the transport, insurance, quality control, financing and hedging of the materials in transit from the producer to the end user Ė in addition to their role as a marketing agent.