The Foundry Division supplies a comprehensive range of products into the foundry industry.

The diverse nature of the foundry industry requires that we stock and supply products that meet these varied and specialized needs.

Product listing

Aluminium Alloys

Aluminium Deoxidants


Breakdown Agent

Calcium Carbide

Calcium Silicide

Calcium Silicon Manganese

Ceramic Fibre Products

Ceramic Sand

Chamotte (All Grades)

Chromite Sand

Chromium Metal

Coal Dust


Copper various forms

Ferro Chrome (High Carbon)

Ferro Chrome (Low Carbon)

Ferro Chrome (Medium Carbon)

Ferro Manganese (High Carbon)

Ferro Manganese (Medium Carbon)

Ferro Molybdenum

Ferro Niobium

Ferro Phosphorus

Ferro Silicon 75

Ferro Silicon (Low Aluminium)

Ferro Silicon Magnesium

Ferro Silicon Zirconium (Zircomet)

Ferro Titanium

Ferro Vanadium


Foundry Solvents

Hot Topping Compounds


Inoculants (AA5, IMSR2, ME85)

Investment Binders

Investment Waxes

Iron Remelt

Iron Sulphide


Manganese Electrolytic


Molybdenum Pure


Nickel Alloys

Nylon Coreventing

Pig Iron


Sand Testing Equipment

Silicon Carbide

Silicon Manganese

Silicon Metal

Slag Coagulants

Sodium Silicates

Spectrographic Standards

Steel Shot

Tin (Various forms)

Zircon (Sands and Flour)


Iron, Steel and Stainless Steel Foundries

Investment Foundries

Division Contacts

Dudley de Beer

Sales Director

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Helen Fernandes

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Greg Wurts

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